Handful of Suggested Titles for Book Clubs Part2

COME AND FIND ME by Hallie Ephron
Computer security expert and reformed hacker Diana Highsmith has not ventured beyond her home for more than a year—not since that fateful climbing vacation in Switzerland took Daniel’s life. Haunted by the sound of Daniel’s cries echoing across the gorge as he fell, Diana cannot stop thinking about the life they’ll never have—grief that has transformed her into a recluse.

Diana doesn’t have to shut herself off com­pletely from the world, though; she and Daniel’s best friend run a thriving Internet security company. From her home, in her pajamas, Diana assesses security breaches, both potential and real, and offers clients a way to protect themselves from hackers—the kind of disruptions Diana herself used to create. Once Diana has a game plan she is able to meet with clients in OtherWorld, an Internet-based platform, using Nadia, an avatar she created for herself. Diana knows she’ll have to rejoin the “real world” eventually, but right now a few steps from her door each morning is all she can handle.

When Diana’s sister goes missing, however, she is forced to do the impossible: brave both the outside world and her own personal demons to find her sister. As one step outside leads to another, Diana soon discovers that she is following a trail fraught with danger—and uncovering a web of deceit and betrayal, both online and real-life, that threatens not only her sister’s life, but her own.

LAST TO DIE by Tess Gerritsen
This is Tess Gerritsen’s tenth Rizzoli and Isles crime series novel and is mandatory reading.  Fantasy comes to life as three surviving orphans of different family massacres connive to bring down the killer.  Suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat!

CITY OF WOMEN by David Gillham

An excellent first novel going back in time to the height of World War ll as men in Berlin are fighting and dying while the women carry on.  Sigrid, a German soldier’s wife, finds herself immersed in an underground Resistance world and her life is turned upside dawn.  A compelling read saturated with gripping suspense, romance and secrets.


Set in Appalachia during the Depression, midwife Patience Murphy finds herself in rural West Virginia attending the births of the rich and poor.  The reader feels the miracle of birth and Patience’s story is fascinating as she ministers to a surprisingly diverse community.

Honest, moving and beautifully detailed, this book rings with authenticity. From the dangerous mines of West Virginia to the terrifying attention of the Ku Klux Klan, Patience must strive to bring new light and life into an otherwise hard world. The novel details the past and gives hope to a future embracing the goodness of humanity.

The latest in the popular Ali Reynolds series, this book is a must have. Arizona’s troubled border with Mexico as a backdrop for a story in which one of Al’s classmates from the Arizona Police Academy is shot, and then suspected of participating in cross border drug trade. Excitement from the first page on.