Handful of Suggested Titles for Book Clubs

Below are just a handful of suggested titles for Book Clubs, selected by The Big Book Club Getaway team.  Each of these authors will be participating in the event and discussing their work.  Many of these authors have written multiple novels that would be great book club reads.  Feel free to bring your books to the event for the presenters to sign.

GUT BUCKET BLUES by Anita August
This book is the story of a precocious boy who lives in a blues bar called in the French Quarter of New Orleans. His quest for self-identity is compromised by the destruction force of his father, a blues god, and ghost conjurer. Anita August draws a remarkable portrait of the musicality of African American oral vernacular traditions and the myths and poetry of New Orleans.

Conley and her family say goodbye to Portland, Maine and travel to Beijing for the next two years ready to grow as a family by experiencing a different lifestyle and culture.  Life in China requires monumental adjustments and then Conley learns that she has cancer.   A beautiful read celebrating family, mortality and a courageous young woman. Listed as an Oprah Magazine Top Ten Pick.

A VIOLET SEASON by Kathy Leonard Czepiel
The violet industry is booming in 1898, and a Hudson Valley farm owned by the Fletcher family is turning a generous profit for its two oldest brothers. But Ida Fletcher, married to the black sheep youngest brother, has taken up wet nursing to help pay the bills, and her daughter, Alice, has left school to work. As they risk losing their share of the farm, the two women make increasingly great sacrifices for their family’s survival, sacrifices that will set them against each other in a lifelong struggle for honesty and forgiveness. A Violet Season is the story of an unforgettable mother-daughter journey in a time when women were just waking to their own power and independence. Language is rich and detailed.  Historical fiction at its best!


Winner of the National Book Award, Eire writes a powerful memoir detailing his exile from Cuba at the early age of 11.   Along with 14,000 children, Eire was airlifted out of Cuba during the revolution.  His spirit however, never leaves his native land even after becoming a “modern American man”.  A moving story not easily forgotten.