Making Your Argument Clear

I have made my mind up I’ve made my decision now I’m going to have to conclude with the same thesis as the introduction you can see how I’ve made my argument clear I know which side I’m on so I’m gonna have to stick with it no problem let’s do it so we’re down to about 15 minutes tick tick tick we’ve planned we’ve written our introduction now we’re going to spend five minutes on paragraph one so how do we write paragraph one well we start with sentence one what sentence one well we need to restate side one okay fine what was side one well if we look back at that question prompt remember the blue side was that eventually all work will be done by robots fine so I’m just rewriting this again in other words and maybe adding a little bit more detail here’s my example.

You can see how my introduction is coming together now and it’s it’s really good it’s really good so I want you to write your sentence and I want you to use this phrase here so what I want to do is use that phrase then I want you to rewrite this sentence in your own words you have one minute cool again if you if you don’t have time you can press pause there by the way if you’re on essay help nz please click like and leave a comment I love reading nice comments from you guys it really helps me to stay motivated in doing this so I appreciated enormous ly okay so I want to show you your what my introduction looks like my introduction looks like this I’m gonna read it to you.

Says human employment is continuously decreasing as a result of artificially intelligent robots well some people think that human labour will eventually become completely obsolete others maintain that robots will never be able to perform certain jobs this essay will discuss why robots will eventually be able to perform any function and will therefore replace all human jobs.

Here I said at some point in the near future artificial intelligence will supersede human intelligence and outperform us on every possible task it’s a little bit different a little bit different but I’ve restated it’s the first introductory sentence of my paragraph and I’m leading up I’m leading up to this fact that eventually all work will be done by robots so this is the first sentence so let’s think about that restate side one mind says that robotic intelligence or artificial intelligence will eventually be out before sorry let me rethink this will supersede human intelligence supersede means to go further to go beyond to f4 cool so that’s what I’m saying here eventually they’ll outperform us so whoops I want you to start your paragraph one by restating side one eventually all work will be done by robots one minute starts now cool alright again if you haven’t finished you can pause this later rewrite this properly I just want to give you that experience fine.