Personal Brand In Essay

Make sure your essay reveals your personal brand the other thing that I’ll point out the other aspect of a strong leadership essay is that it differentiates you from other strong applicants with very similar profiles admissions people can only take ten to fifteen perhaps twenty percent so if you’ve got you know 20 20 applicants you know ten percent of ideas are going to take to write two to four they’re going to say no to about 16 people fixing of which ten of them are great right so why should they say yes to you it’s making sure that you’ve written essays particularly in leadership essays or showcase your leadership in a way that allows you to differentiate yourself from other people who are still coming for a similar profile and that’s what we specialize it in X part is.

So it’s not just let’s get into writing your essay but everything from the branding to figuring out like you know how are you compared to someone else with similar profile and things like that then the next thing is you need to also strong leadership as they have to be able to showcase the kind of leader that you are okay I talked about this in earlier and then finally what this ultimately does is it allows admissions people to have a really good sense that you know the candidate that you’re looking at is a good firm fit for them it confirms for them this person is a fit they would we would love them here and they would love being here so that’s very very important okay bad leadership essays they have these elements to them they are just basically a regurgitation of one’s resume it’s overly ambitious people just try to applicants try to pack in everything as if admissions people didn’t see other aspects of the application you know for the try to cover too much sometimes it’s you know they fall into this mistake they tend to go down like they just bragging let the recommenders brag for you okay.

And then finally the you know bad leadership essays tend to be very achievement focused as opposed to show in the sort of the achievement okay so I just want to make sure I share this with you guys and then I actually want to share some examples right like what are all the topics you know cuz I get this question a lot when I do webinars I talk to applicants you know a lot of times applause strong with okay what’s a good topic what should I write about well you can write about your sports leadership right and again it doesn’t have to be captain of the tennis club you know tennis team it could be like your role in helping your team overcome you know losing like their best player something like the experience of you know I kind of bring in a team together what’s that about how did you get involved what idea did you come up with you know you can write about academic leadership.